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A Decentralized Global P2P
Logistics Platform

We Make Logistics Simple!
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International Trade without banks by DAFZO

World's biggest platform for Reverse Logistics

Dafzo taking Logistics to new a height

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At the moment, traditional Central banks are responsible for clearing transaction process in International transactions on e-global stores and also required a robust check, further complicating the document flow in clearing process like International sales.
In traditional logistics delivery receiver often miss window time for its delivery, that causes inconvenience, delay of delivery and lack express delivery or 24X7 pick and drop.
Logistics Industry handles a pile of data and that is currently handled in the old-fashioned, centralized way, and requires unreasonable staff overage, Huge IT infrastructure and additional cost to logistics organizations for re-delivery of the consignment.
Due to a centralised system, it’s not possible for logistics companies to track record of every movement of their transportation and detect timely fraud. In case of dispute, Insurance coverage covers the only limited interest of end user.
Most of Global stores don’t offer delivery in all countries and if such global e-commerce store offers international shipment, the shipping and handling rates are high and offer no alternative choice to the buyer.
Even today with-IT boom logistics companies offer limited innovation methods to benefit its end user.

Peer 2 Peer Ecosystem

Express Delivery

Low cost

Smart contract

Multimodal delivery methods


Dafzo eliminates the present-day financial intermediaries & geographical barriers in the market by using Blockchain technology. Dafzo offers Universal ledger time stamp system and zero transaction fee methods.
The Dafzo Express delivery system is easy-to-use & work 24x7 to fill the gap throughout the day. That makes business process easier for customers and logistics companies.
Dafzo ecosystem costs much less to operate for small logistics companies, provides enhanced safer technology and reliability and straightens the entire supply chain resulting in saving time and additional cost for logistics companies & customer.
Dafzo based on Blockchain technology uses smart contracts to deliver decentralized services that address a wide range of international logistics sales & it’s related issues. Dafzo also free Insurance for Fraud Detection trustless payment system.
The owner can find the best solution for multimodal transport from various options through a convenient interface, with the lowest price, optimal time and quality.
Dafzo decentralised Innovative Business model (Patent applied) resulting dafzo platform to provide customers with better innovative services, accurate logistics information of every single product and possibilities for new logistics and business models.
Product Features
Decentralized Ledger Technology
Dafzo ecosystem with fusion of DLT, Smart contract and AI Universal blockchain ledger for real-time tracking, tampered proof design, detection of fraud and enhanced security to users.

Automated Smart-lockers
Smart lockers are installed strategic locations to ensure 24x7 pickup and Drop service for the users.

0% transaction Fee
Dafzo ERC20 utility tokens empowers users to save international transaction fees on global e-stores by using P2P custodian network and offer exclusive deals to its user through e-marketplace corporate partners.

Expand business globally
Dafzo Partner programme is a great opportunity for business to expand their business sales globally while minimising marketing & operation cost with global logistics support to its partner.

Earning Opportunities
Dafzo custodian & partner programme is an opportunity for community & business to work with Dafzo and start earning additional income by joining custodian & partner programme.

Global Reverse Pickup
With Dafzo app(Dapp) or decentralized network user can book consignment from any third location without sender physical presence Dafzo provides multi-model delivery option to users to save their time and money with guaranteed lowest rates.

Dafzo Global E-Store Partners

Dafzo Partner programme is a great opportunity for business to expand their business sales globally while minimising marketing & operation cost. Dafzo not only provides multi-modal delievery methods and logistics support to its partner but also support to expand business territory. It’s win-win for all stakeholder in Dafzo ecosystem.

Partner programme benefits to Dafzo Token user:
  • ► Exclusive High Brand deals for dafzo user straight from partner stores
  • ► Discounted /sales offer to Dafzo user
  • ► Additional Dafzo loyalty reward Utility Token
Dafzo is the Global logistic partner of
Bazista and Galaxy eSolutions



Earning oppurtunities with Dafzo Programme

Dafzo custodian & partner programme is an opportunity for community to work with Dafzo and start earning additional income by joining custodian programme. Custodian for National & International shipment: Dafzo Custodian programme is one of the simplest ways of earning additional income through Dafzo P2P decentralised platform for Global package forwarding system. It’s as simple as cutting a slice of a cake. Utility Token contributor just needs to signup with Dafzo as custodian.

To know more about earning opportunities with custodian programme, read our detailed article on   

Product Roadmap
Upcoming Events

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Speaker: Sushant Kumar & Nischal Arvind Singh

Date: 17-April-2018 to 18-April-2018

Location: Moscow

Amsterdam Zero-in Conference

Speaker: Nischal Arvind Singh

Date: 19th-April-2018

Location: Amsterdam

Zurich Block Show Meetup

Speaker: Nischal Arvind Singh

Date: 24th-April-2018

Location: Zurich

Frankfurt Blockchain Summit 2018

Speaker: Nischal Arvind Singh

Date: 26th-April-2018

Location: Frankfurt

London Block Show Meetup

Speaker: Nischal Arvind Singh

Date: 27th-April-2018

Location: London

Future Blockchain Summit

Speaker: Prateek

Date: 2nd-May & 3rd-May 2018

Location: Dubai

Amsterdam Chainges Conference

Speaker: Nischal Arvind Singh

Date: 4th-May & 5th-May 2018

Location: Amsterdam

Delhi World Satoshi Summit

Speaker: Prateek

Date: 12th-May & 13rd-May 2018

Location: Delhi

Singapore Tech In Asia Event

Speaker: TBD

Date: 15th-May & 16th-May 2018

Location: Singapore

World Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Summit

Speaker: TBD

Date: 19th-May & 20th-May 2018

Location: Moscow

Past Events

Startup open house

Speaker: Prateek Sharma
Date: 18-January-2018
Location: 91springboard, Sector-1,Noida,Uttar Pradesh,India

Blockspot Europe 2017

Speaker: Nischal Arvind Singh
Date: 13-November-2017
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Medium Articles

14 Jan

DAFZO to disrupt logistics industry with its patented technology

Dafzo the world’s first Blockchain-based Global P2P Logistics platform is creating disrupting the logistics using Blockchain, smart contracts and AI.
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31 Jan

How Blockchain is helping Logistics industry in revival?

Since from inception Logistics industry has been the one of the biggest industry in terms of trade and from the outer shell it seems to be the one of the most profitable industry
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07 Feb

Dafzo Ecosystem; An Enterprise solution for logistics activity

Dafzo is the World’s first Global P2P Logistics Platform. Dafzo offers End to End solution the each and every aspect of the logistics industry.
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PR & Announcement

25 Feb

Dafzo and Galaxy eSolutions partnership announcement

Dafzo has partnered with the the Hong Kong based E-Marketplace Galaxy eSolutions for the logistics shipment service.
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07 Feb

Dafzo Ecosystem; An Enterprise solution for logistics activity

Dafzo is the World’s first Global P2P Logistics Platform. Dafzo offers End to End solution the each and every aspect of the logistics industry.
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07 Feb


Dafzo world’s first global P2P logistics platform has partnered with the Bazista a Russian federation based Global e-marketplace for the operational and logistics service.
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What is the symbol of Dafzo token?

“Dafzo utility tokens” are represnted by "DFZ" Token

What are you selling?

DFZ ERC20 compliant cryptocurrencies “Dafzo utility tokens”

When is your token sale?

Pre-ICO starts from Q1 2018 (March). Currently Dafzo private sale is live for participation plase go to our website here

What are the currencies accepted?

ETH, BTC & BCH in Private Sale.

What is the price of DFZ token?

One DFZ Token price is 0.50$ (USD), however limited DFZ token will be sold at a discounted price of 30% to 50%, for more details please refer to the executive summary and white paper.

Who can buy DFZ token?

The DFZ token is available to all for purchase but before you purchase DFZ token you must read the Executive summary & white paper carefully and have minimum knowledge of Risk involved with ICO token. There is also a cap for each category on the token purchase, and form of capital assets, other such details, please read the white paper carefully before contributing.

Do I use Bitcoin or Ethereum to purchase tokens?

Yes, you can contribute to Dafzo ICO sales through BTC or ETH. If you have Ether (ETH) you can directly contribute, if you have BTC you can convert your BTC or any other currency to ETH from an exchange like changelly, shapeshift to ETH and participate in Dafzo ICO.

Can I buy a Dafzo token with USD, Euro, GBP or RMB?

No, you cannot directly buy Dafzo tokens with traditional (fiat) currency like USD, Euros, or GBP. The accepted payment in Dafzo ICO contribution limited to Ether only. Don’t worry if you don’t have ETH, you can buy ETH by using fiat currency or online transfer, credit card, debit card from any crypto exchange. You can buy Ethers from an exchange like Coinbase, changelly, bitstamp, Kraken or Gemini. Important Note: Please do not send Ethers from exchange accounts as you will not receive dafzo back to your account. Please transfer fund from exchange to personal wallets like Ethereum or MyEtherWallet and then buy Dafzo tokens. See our guide on how to buy dafzo token

Will I receive my tokens immediately after the transaction is successful?

No, token will be distributed post closing ICO crowd sale, but early participation get you discount of 50% at Pre sale (only for ETH contribution), 40% during pre ICO and 30% during pre-token.There is no discount during crowd sale and the price of Dafzo token may rise.

Is there is any cap on offer?

Yes, for more details see Executive summary and Pre-Whitepaper

When will the full White Paper be issued?

White paper will be issued before Pre ICO sales

What can I do with DFZ?

You can trade DFZ Token in listed exchanges or use as a utility to take service from Dafzo logistics, earn income from custodian programme. More info can be found on the dafzo website here.

Can I trade or transfer DFZ token?

Yes, after a lock-up period (Post distribution of token to all the contributor).

Will DFZ be listed on the exchange?

Yes, once we ICO closed for sale DFZ token will be listed. Dafzo team is already in talks with few listed exchanges.

Will you buy-back DFZ token?

No, Dafzo doesn't offer any buyback because Dafzo is utility token, not an investment scheme or shares.

Is there a minimum amount of the ICO event?

No. There is no soft cap

Is there a maximum cap for the ICO event?

Yes, 20,000,000 Million USD.

Will you increase token Price during sale ?

Yes , The price of DFZ token will start increasing post 10,000,000 Million USD.

Why should I contribute to Dafzo ICO?

Dafzo ICO offer contributor three unique benefits
a) Liquidity as cryptocurrencies trading through a listing exchange. DFZ to tradable on a number of exchanges and easily exchangeable for other currencies like GBP, EUR, USD, BTC, ETH, etc.
b) Every token has Utility value for our service and product.
c) Contributor to enjoy price volatility index based on DFZ performance that builds on high demand & supply function via ETH (smart contract).

What will you do with a token contribution?

Dafzo will create a Global Blockchain P2p logistics ecosystem out of token contributor receipt. The Dafzo further use this fund in building P2p Blockchain logistics IT infrastructure and for worldwide business operation. Please read our white paper or Roadmap for more details.

How you make profits?

Dafzo is world best truly Global Decentralised Logistics platform, in short, its world-first Blockchain logistics aggregator with a worldwide presence. Dafzo business has a unique design and has multiple revenue systems within its logistics business and that’s why Dafzo able to offer most competitive and lowest price to its user (work of proof: courierhome). Dafzo within the first month of launch its website has already a partner in Hong Kong-based Blockchain refurbished consumer electronics business galaxy–esolutions as their logistics partner. Dafzo also has its unique business proposition which is patent (applied) to benefit International Sales or Import/export at large (for more details on our business model please watch our explainer videos or read.

Will you distribute profits?

Dafzo as on date has no plan to distribute surplus profits or declare dividends among all token holder. Instead of profit distribution, Dafzo will distribute reward points or additional topup utility token that load with exclusive discount/deals on shopping free of cost as loyalty/reward system according to each holder's percentage of ownership. This is similar to any loyalty card or reward system to its loyal customer. Although Dafzo legal consultanty firm is in touch with crypto friendly countries to license its ICO to offer dividends as of date there is no distribution of profits.

Do you offer a money back guarantee or profits?

No, we don’t guarantee any profits on dafzo contribution because of risk involved with token/cryptocurrencies. However, the DFZ introduced as core advanced technology of logistics business, what IOTA is for IOT business today, DFZ may know as for logistics in near future. Dafz has its own unique IPR (patent) and utility design in a way to moderate risk and contributor may benefit from price volatility index s but Dafzo doesn’t guarantee anyone any profits.

What is the Key Feature of Dafzo?

Dafzo offer multiple key features to its user, dafzo is one stop solution for logistics to individual and merchant such as Facilitating International Import-export transactions without financial intermediators. Enhanced safety features and security layer with Blockchain, Smart contract, AI & ML Provides responsibility and transparency with Universal Blockchain ledger for real-time tracking. You can also see our video explainer series here. and More info can be found on the dafzo website here.

What is Dafzo global logistics support?

Dafzo platform is a Global logistics online aggregator, runs on Blockchain. Dafzo Global logistics support offer low-cost with multiple choice as per user needs i.e. global shopping, logistics support to merchant for international sales, reverse pickups, import-export transactions etc through DFZ token no matter where the user physically based at the point of sale. A user can seek Dafzo logistics across the globe for its day to day use and parcel forwarding from anywhere to anywhere without any geographical barriers with multiple logistics choice as user needs.More info can be found on the dafzo website here.

What if I received broken shipment?

Dafzo offers free insurance facility up to a certain invoice value and it’s optional for users to take additional insurance on their shipment above free insurance limit. Also, Dafzo uses rating method for each participating party in process to keep transparency between new user. Dafzo adopt zero tolerance and may blacklist the merchant as well user from using Dafzo ecosystem.

What if I received dummy or empty shipment, instead of actual goods?

Dafzo implementing new ways to counter such experience like for instance custodian can verify the goods at first point of delivery and record goods unique id on blockchain (private keys), so it can be returned for exchange at first point of contact. Dafzo is also introducing rating system to create transparency between buyer and seller. The user can review seller ratings based on earlier buyer experience. We are also working on resolving this issue with new innovative methods which record tampering with consignment before it moves to other hands etc.

Who will handle customs clearance?

Dafzo will handle the entire custom clearance with the help of the courier partners and pre-inform its user on custom discrepancies with the use of Data Base management API keys/ new IT infrastructure generate consignment unique code for tracking such events.

What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics works without physical geographical restriction. Dafzo user can Import or can export good from anywhere in the world, request parcel delivery from A to B even if s/he is physically present at location C.

What is multiple choice option for logistics?

Dafzo introduce exclusive multiple delivery option methods service to e-store/merchant & Dafzo user. User/buyer can choose delivery based on price & time. Ur help transparency and mobility in delivery methods.

What is mode of payment accepted for using Dafzo ecosystem?

For using Dafzo platform user need to have DFZ during ICO. As on now the dafzo service like Global borderless shopping, reverse pickups. International sales can only be used through Dafzo token.

What if exhaust my DFZ tokens?

You can buy from DFZ listed cryptocurrencies exchange.

What is smart automated locker?

Smart locker is an automated locker run via mobile app with a fusion of Blockchain, AI & ML that enables 24x7 pick & drop. The locker also will be used by logistics partner and user to reduce time in redelivery attempts. Smart lockers will be operated with the help of smart lockers and AI.

What is the fee & time limit for using a smart locker?

There is no time restriction on using lockers, but every locker has a rental fee which is charged as per usage. Dafzo team wants to keep the fee as low as possible i.e. charges for 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours etc.
If user leaving parcel for logistics pickup there would be no rental charges.

What is a custodian Programme?

Custodian programme is unique proposition taken by Dafzo facilitating its community to earn extra commission without incurring any additional cost. Anyone can sign for Custodian programme and start earning.

How does it work ?

Custodian works with Dafzo for facilitating international & local parcel forwarding. The user first forward it’s Global store parcel for delivery at custodian address, on confirmation of delivery dafzo team will pick and ship a parcel to the original buyer. Custodian can use a smart locker to drop parcel for further delivery in case custodian is not available at its place. The Custodian can also request a pickup from its workplace by sending request on app. Dafzo user can Directly buy from Dafzo e market place partner and for other store Dafzo place order on user behalf and deliver to custodian address.

Why should I become a custodian?

Dafzo custodian will earn a small portion of the fee for accepting & forwarding parcel. Illustration: Dafzo user save 3% transaction fee on $ 500 goods i.e. $ 15. Custodian get paid $ 2 for each delivery. If custodian 3 delivery in a day, custodian earn 180 USD in a month without any efforts. Please note $ 2 is just reference not an actual figure on given illustration it may more or less depends on consignment value.

How can I become a custodian?

Anyone can sign up for custodian programme. Custodian just needs to sign up, choose refundable DFZ token security slab i.e. 5000 DFZ or 10000 DFZ or 20000 DFZ, for students, it is 2000 DFZ (above 18 only) and for corporate it is 2,00,000 DFZ . Custodian also need to complete KYC that include current/permanent address verification, ID verification and banking details.

Why do I need to pay a security deposit in DFZ?

Security is refundable and once you express your interest to withdraw your interest from custodian programme your DFZ token will be refunded automatically in same number i.e. If 5000 DFZ deposit for custodian, 5000 DFZ will be return. The security is to safeguard Dafzo user’s consignment against odd events and to build transparency and trust in the ecosystem. Every time custodian accepts delivery for forwarding the value of consignment will be deducted from custodian deposit till than consignment reach to buyer, once it reached buyer the custodian deposit level up again to its original value. More info can be found on the Dafzo website here.

What is a corporate partnership Programme?

Other than community-based custodian Dafzo create a direct partnership with Blockchain based e-stores and other stores to facilitate borderless shopping, and support them with its logistics ecosystem for worldwide shipment. User from such partner can directly order and move consignment to its address. Dafzo user can also avail exclusive deals form its partner. Dafzo has already tied up with galaxy- esolutions refurbished consumer electronics based in Hongkong.

Why are you running two programmes simultaneously? What happens to custodian programme, if a buyer can place an order directly?

Dafzo custodian programme will not affect from such tie-ups. Dafzo custodian play role in International & local (within city) parcel forwarding. Dafzo partner is mostly Blockchain e-commerce who praise this technology but a user may not find the goods of choice or because of price difference opt for a regular store like Amazon, Argos etc. where custodian play important role. Dafzo ecosystem supports user in every kind of stores and save you international transactions fee & ensure safety in both cases through smart contract enabled transactions. Also, custodian not only limited with e-stores but can engage in express delivery and within city custodian level. As an ethical company, we like to balance the interest of our contributor and same time our customer.

Will partner stores accept DFZ token? If yes how you manage DFZ token price fluctuations over the delivery period?

As of now, our Blockchain e-commerce partner is accepting their own currency which can be easily exchanged against DFZ through listed cryptocurrency exchange. We are in talks with our partners to accept DFZ token for the same purpose. However, logistics charges can be paid by DFZ tokens.

What is the security layer used in Dafzo ecosystem to protect its user from fraud?

Dafzo uses multiple layers of security, Blockchain for transparency and real-time tracking, advanced escrow system, smart contract automated transactions, user identification, Artificial intelligence for KYC database, free insurance and its own payment system & DAPP (app). You may also subscribe an ancillary insurance to cover any other possible damages or loss.

How Dafzo ensure parcel and user security?

Every Dafzo payment transactions go through advanced escrow system and smart contract. The payment will reach beneficiary hand only once consignment is delivered to its original user, further tampering and lost in transits secured through refundable security from the custodian. In the event of fraud or negligence, a dispute will be opened to ensure the buyer receives a refund. The entire process is automated and manages on Blockchain and Smart contract.

How secure is Dafzo custodian programme?

Dafzo secures its customer by hackers and unwanted malware using DDOS protection, protecting from server load.

Is my Global store consignment being in safe hands?

Don’t worry. Your money is entirely safe with us. On Dafzo every transaction is executed by smart contract, top up with Free insurance and custodian refundable security, which ensure the safety of funds for every party. If in any case, something goes wrong Dafzo will refund the money.

How do you ensure the security of token?

Token security is ensured by the dual verification method.

Is smart contract audited by the third party?

Yes, smart contract audited and tested by the in-house team first and also audited by the third party to avoid any compromise.

Pre-ICO Sale is live with @ 50% Bonus on limited tokens. Minimum investment of 0.1 ETH

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