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Disrupting International Trade Finance
What is International Trade Finance?

International Trade Finance signifies the transaction between the importer and exporter, including intermediaries such as banks,legal house etc. to facilitate the cross-border sales transaction.



To issue a Letter
of Credit, banks take
the hefty collateral
amounts as high as
150% of the LC value,
which SMEs cannot
afford due to limited
Time Consuming

Average issuance
time of a Letter of
Credit is anywhere
between 15-20
working days.

Banks require a
long list of documents.
Transaction Fee

Banks charges anywhere
between from 20-25% of
the total transaction
amount to issue a
Letter of Credit

What is Dafzo?


Minimum Transaction Fee.

Dafzo offers minimum
transaction fee as low
as compared 1%
compared to the
No Collateral.

Dafzo issues LCs
without any coll-
ateral or any sort
of security.
Instant Issuance

With International
Trade Finance Tech-
nology LC will be
issued instantly
instead of waiting
for the 15-20 working
Trade Agreement by AI

Importer / Exporter
can draft sales,
analyze the sales
agreement guided
by the AI and the
cognitive science.
Alternate dispute mechanism.

Dafzo offers 2 level
of dispute resolution
guided by the AI and
international arbit-
rator in case of any
dispute among
Our solution is a Patent Technology of $9 Trillion Industry
Dafzo Token Use
Future Features of Dafzo
Borderless shopping from Global e-storesBorderless shopping from Global e-stores
Global & Local custodian Programme
Additional income opportunities for Dafzo user
Automated Smart-Lockers
Pocket friendly options from Air, Land & Water
Global E-store Partnership

Product Roadmap


Q1 Market

Q2 Beta launch 
in India
Q3  Business

Q1. ICO Framework
& Partnership 

Q2 Pre ICO
Q3 4 Blockchain &
AI Intergration

Commencement of

Dafzo Payment

Diversification to

Installation to smart

Worldwide Expansion

Global Tracking For
Every Company
Prateek Sharma
Co-Founder & CEO, India
Serial Entrepreneur, Wharton school of Business scholar & MBA Graduate with rich experience in the logist- ics industry and e-com- merce.
Sushant Kumar
Co-Founder & COO, India
MBA graduate with +4 years exp. of logistics and operat- ions industry. Previously w- orking with Mahindra & Mahindra & Intellicon Private Limited.
Deepika Vijay
PR Executive, India
Master in PR and advertising and events, experience in handling PR in Courierhome.
Jeoffrey Mathews
Crypto Financial Analyst
CEO of JMJ Capital, Smart contract analyst, killed in Vendor Management, Ma- nagement, Operations Management, Perform- ance Management, & Business Development and ICO investor.
Nishant Arvind Singh
Project Lead & ICO
Legal Consultant
Chevening Scholar (Govt.of UK), LLM (University of Lon- don), International Cyber S- ecuirty (Cranfield University, UK defence academy) Exper- tise: IPR & Innovation law, Crypto Hedgefund & ICO legal advisory.
Choi Namkyu
Blockchain Project
Consultant, South Korea
System analsys/ Design/ Development/ maintance/ process modeling for 17 years. Havs been Software developer and BA in financial field for 10 years. Skills set: JA- VA, Oracle OCP 10g, SQL.


Yuen Wong
CEO at Galaxy e-Solutions
Hong Kong
Yuen has a strong e-commerce sense and entrepreneurial initiative that gives him the ability to make the business operate in the global consumer markets. Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, E-commerce specialist.
Dinesh Puri
International Logistics and
Supply Chain Expert, India
Director at GEODIS,+20 years exp. in Supply chain, Logistics & Distribution Management in Ocean, Air & Land Freight space. Strategic material planning, Supply Chain Logistics and global Vendor Management, are the key dimensions in his portfolio.
Deekshith Marla
Founder & CTO of Arya.ai
Forbes Asia 30 under 30, India
Founder of Arya.in. Forbes Asia under 30. Experience in platform for quickly building Neural Networks,Framework Design, Data Center Automation, Big Data, Business Intelligence,Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Advanced Text Search and Analytics.
Vakhtang Abuladze
CEO at Bazista Russia
MBA in Operation Management & Accounting. He has worked at the financial Department in one of the largest retail chain of Georgia - Nugeshi, Audit consultant at (PwC) - Big Four Moscow office.
Harpreet Singh Walia
CEO at L2L
International India
Author, Educator and Business Consultant. +30 years strong multifunctional contributions predominantly Training/ Entrepreneurship / Communication Skills.
Mubashsher Salim
Business Consultant &
Market Automation, India
Have more than 9 years of solid experience in experience selling world class applications, middleware, and cloud software solutions to SMBs and Fortune 500 customers.
Kunal Karani
Founder at NIOC, India
CEO at NIOC Exchange one of the upcoming most advanced Global Marketplace for ICO backed by the industry top leader. Kunal was associated with Koinex exchange India’s leading crypto exchange as the head of business and partnership.
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